Rachel Nichols Of The Fond Life
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My name is Rachel and I Cherish the art of cooking.

For me, cooking has always been more than a logistical hurdle to getting food on the table. It is a labor of my hands, a nourishment to my soul and a way to bring people together.

One of my earliest formative cooking experiences occurred in my parents’ kitchen when I tried a recipe that used fond to create a pan sauce. It made the meal one of the most flavorful dishes I had ever tasted. That day I realize not only how little I knew about cooking but how excited I was to learn more.

And so, I made it a personal goal to master recipes and methods that were unknown to me.

I hope that more than helping you cook a meal, I inspire you to slow down and enjoy the art of cooking.

This site is for people who are curious about food and love spending a little extra time in the kitchen, whether that’s simmering pasta sauce, whipping cream or kneading dough.

It’s for people who cook not just for the result, but for the pleasure of the process.

This doesn’t mean that my recipes aren’t simple or quick, it just means I’m not interested in shortcuts.

If you view cooking as a necessary evil or are trying to find the easiest way to get dinner on the table in under 15 minutes, this website isn’t for you.

But if you’re looking to be inspired in the kitchen, or for a friend to push you to try something new, you’re in the right place.


French for "base" or "foundation," fond refers to the browned, savory bits and caramelized drippings of meat and veggies that stick to the bottom of a pan after sautéing on the stove or roasting in the oven. It is used to make many types of flavorful sauces that boost any dish from "meh to scrumptious.