Fig + Prosciutto Pasta Salad


Get ready for the most summery pasta of your life from Savory Simple. It is light, yet hearty, savory, yet sweet, and most importantly delicious. It’s perfect for the poolside, picnics, a date night, or a night in. You can even hoard it in your fridge to dole out during the week (seriously, this dish is perfect for that).

I was talking with a friend this week about the dilemma we find ourselves in on a weekly basis. We want to save money by preparing meals at home, but on a busy weeknight the thought of getting in the kitchen, let alone making the trip to get groceries before hand, seems daunting, tiring and undesirable. I’m a huge fan of recipes like this that you can store away and lean on when that tired and exhausted feeling hits you on a Wednesday at 7:30 PM and you’re starving. 


Get the full recipe here.