Sweet & Savory Trail Mix


For years (literally) I have resisted doing Whole30. A world without cheese is meaningless to me. But recently I’ve found myself further and further from the realm of moderation. It has become harder and harder to resist excess and choose what I know will do me good. Whole30 was my way of proving to myself that I if I put my mind to something, I can accomplish it. Everything in life that has worth will come with challenges. In some moments, the hardest thing for me is saying “no” to that glass of wine, carefully crafted cocktail, or warm gooey chocolate chip cookie.

Not even two weeks into Whole30, some pants that were a bit snug before, had become a little roomy, I had more energy, and wasn’t feeling as bloated as before. I don’t think the Whole30 program is for everyone (it also takes planning and preparation), but if you’re wanting to try something that will make you feel better and break some bad eating habits, it’s a decent option that gets you eating real, delicious food.

I learned that one key to not caving into the urge of eating a billion cookie cups is grocery shopping to the point that you’re thinking “how the hell am I going to eat all of this?” I was amazed at how much we were eating from our own fridge when we weren’t eating out a few times a wekk. This trail mix, inspired by a receipe from Nom Nom Paleo, is one of the the things that got me through those munchie moments.

Sabrina and took off with the mix on an adventure to Hanging Lake, where Eb and Jonathan took our engagements back in July of 2014. If you aren’t familiar, while the trail to the lake isn’t long, it’s like walking stairs the entire way. I’m not going to lie, this trail mix was the perfect snack after making the trek up to the iconic view. It’s the perfect mix of sweet and savory and has just the right amount of kick.




2T ghee
1c raw almonds
1c raw cashews
1/4c sunflower seeds
1/2c raisins
1T rosemary leaves
1/4t cayenne pepper


Melt ghee in a large cast iron skillet over medium heat and add nuts, rosemary and cayenne. Stir frequently, coating all of the nuts in the ghee, while they toast. Add salt as needed to taste.
When nuts are fragrant and toasted (about 8-10 minutes) remove from heat and let cool. Mix in raisins and enjoy!