The Tartine


I've been learning a lot lately, in and out of the kitchen. I've been trying new things, stretching myself and just trying to DO. In these endeavors, I've been most inspired by methods that aren't informed by a "quick fix" mentality. I don't think that many great things in life happen over night; they are cultivated, pruned & refined over and over again. 

One of my biggest sources of inspiration has been baking bread without the use of store-bought yeast, by cultivating a starter & prepping dough by hand. It is an "old world" technique that makes me feel more in touch with food and, to be honest, speaks to my soul. Through this process, Tartine has been my biggest influence through its vivid story telling and beautifully illustrated techniques that make my hands want to work.

And so, to officially unveil a brand new and very big chapter of this blog, I introduce The Tartine, a beautiful apron that is the result of the slow process of being inspired, of learning, and of doing. 

The Tartine Apron goes into production in early next month, and will be available for purchase mid-late April. I'm indebted to EA, owner of Arrowroot Clothing for taking the time to walk me through the process, create samples, and point me in the right direction.

Purchase the Tartine Here.