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The reigning champion of the grill tends to be all of the meats: burgers, steaks, bbq chicken, salmon on a cedar plank, ribs, lamb chops ... the list goes on and on. But the unsung hero of this glorious contraption that lets you cook over an open flame without having to actually build a fire, are vegetables. Don't get me wrong, I love simmering them on the stove in chicken broth, wine, butter, garlic, you name it. But grilled veggies? I think they take the cake. 

The best part is you can use whatever veggies you have on hand and you don't have to measure anything. Even better is the fact that with this method, you don't have to turn anything on grill or worry about things cooking too quickly or burning. I hate dirtying utensils for no reason, and whenever we need a quick side for dinner I turn to this super easy, tried and true method.

Grilled Veggie Recipe


Best Grilled Vegetables Recipe

The veggies in this recipe are merely an example. You can use mushrooms, any type of squash, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic, peppers, potatoes, jalepenos, eggplant, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, or any other neglected veggie at the back of your fridge. 


Ingredients / Supplies

  • Grill
  • Veggies of Choice. My favorite trifecta is onion, eggplant and mushrooms.
  • Spices of Choice. My fave is red pepper flakes, salt, pepper and minced garlic. 

The Recipe

  1. Heat the grill to 400 degrees and let it come to temperature while you do the next steps. 
  2. Coarsely chop all your veggies (as many or as little as you have on hand) and place into a bowl or rimmed baking sheet. 
  3. Coat liberally with olive oil, avocado oil, or vegetable oil and sprinkle & toss with seasonings of choice until everything is evenly coated. I have gone as simple as just salt and pepper. You can add oregano, crushed red pepper, garlic salt, thyme, rosemary, turmeric, cumin, chili powder, literally whatevs.
  4. Roll out a large swatch of tin foil and pour veggies onto foil in 1-2 batches. Roll up into packets so none of your veggies or liquid seep out.
  5. Place foil packets on grill. Cook for 20 minutes, then un-fold packets so they are open and grill for an additional 10 minutes to let the moisture boil off. 
  6. Optionally, top with walnuts, feta, lardons, goat cheese, parmesan, chopped almonds, parsley, cilantro or more crushed red pepper. 
Grilled Vegetables in Foil Packet