Venison Stroganoff


It’s no secret that I love to cook with my family and that my family loves to cook venison. So, whenever I visit home, if we only get to make one meal together, this is the one. Its so warm, flavorful, filling, and delicious. You can serve it over buttered noodles, or rice. Special thanks to my Dad for being in this post!


Venison Stroganoff

If you want to use beef instead of venison, you can substitute 1lb
top sirloin or tenderloin.



1lb venison (inside tenderloin)
2c seasoned flour
1 stick of butter (to use as needed)
3/4c sliced mushrooms
1/2c diced white onion
1 clove of garlic (minced)
1T tomato paste
10.5oz beef broth
1c sour cream
2T dry white wine
1 package hot buttered noodles
(cooked as directed & drained)


Cut venison (or beef) into narrow strips & dredge thoroughly in seasoned flour.
Melt 3T butter a large cast iron skillet over medium heat. Brown the meat quickly in batches. The goal is to brown, not to cook through so that the outside is brown & slightly crispy. I usually have to keep adding butter as needed between batches.
When all the meat is browned add all meat to pan with the onions, garlic, & mushrooms. Cook until onion is tender & remove everything from the pan.
Add 2 T butter to the hot skillet, melt slightly, & then mix in 3T flour.
Add tomato paste, broth, & white wine. Cook over medium heat until thick & bubbly.
Return venison/mushroom mixture to pan. Mix and heat through without boiling
Serve over buttered noodles or rice & with your choice of sides.