Favorite Cooking Blogs of 2017

I often get texts or questions about how to cook certain things or what kind of recipes are good for such and such. Truth is, a lot of times I don't know the answer, but YAY internet. I do lots of searching throughout the weeks and years, that mainly feeds into week night meals and sometimes cases of adventurous cooking. So here are some my favorite blogs that I follow and use as a first source for finding fun recipes to try.

Baking Blogs

Image via  mynameisyeh.com

Image via mynameisyeh.com


my name is yeh

I can't remember how I first discovered her blog, but it was during the first year of writing my own and I just sat, mouth agape, endlessly scrolling through her archives. Not only are her recipes and photos the cutest, her tone of voice and writing style makes you feel like you're her bffl. Lady has earned some serious baking skills so I highly recommend if you are into baking and savory meals. She is constantly recipe testing and posting new foods both sweet and savory.

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Image via  erinmadethis.com

Erin Made This

I stumbled across Erin on Facebook and, like, if this video doesn't make you immediately fall in love with her, you may not have a heart. One day I hope to jet set to New Zealand and meet her face to face and learn a thing or two. She is a charming go-getter and all of her recipes are BOMB. If you're looking for an inspiring cake, yummy soup, or just want to get lost for a while, check out her blog.

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All Time Faves

photo via smittenkitchen.com

photo via smittenkitchen.com


Smitten Kitchen

If you haven't heard of Smitten Kitchen, it may be because you've been living under a rock on mars. Deb was one of the first, if not the first food blogger that put food blogging on the map in 2007. In fact, one day in 2011 before the Fond Life was born, I putsed around on my computer trying to start a food blog as I continuously tabbed over to her website. This experiment failed, but 3 years later, The Fond Life was born! She is living proof that the best food can me made in the tiniest kitchen and has one of the widest ranges of recipes in one location. 


Dishing Up The Dirt

Ok, so you may be tired of drolling on and on about Andrea Bemis, but its only because my love for her work goes very very deep. She's a farmer with a real talent at cooking and educating others. If you find yourself with a vegetable you have no idea what to do with, consult her blog. Chances are she'll have 20 different ways to make it super delicious. 


Denver Food Blogs


Climbing Grier Mountain

I met Lauren briefly at a Sprouts event about a year ago, and was immediately impressed by her cooking repertoire and moody food photography. Her recipe inventory on her site puts mine to shame, which isn't hard to do let's be honest. She has a recipe for every night of the week in just about any category you can think of, so if you feel stumped, her blog is sure to give you much inspiration. 

photo via rosemaryandrye.com

photo via rosemaryandrye.com


Rosemary & Rye

You may recognize Ana from our collaborations here, here & here. Girl has got some serious hustle that I admire. We met initially when she attended our calligraphy & culinary workshop in February and I was pumped to find out she used her new skills to address her wedding invitations. She has such a level head and brings a no nonsense attitude to the cooking scene. All of her recipes are incredibly delicious, healthy and easy to make. Win!

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South On Broadway Blog

South On Broadway Blog

Jaime is yet another blogger on the Denver scene that never ceases to inspire me. She has such a level head, is so personable, and carries around an infectious joy within her. She's been an example to me that with hard work, you really can do whatever you set your mind to as long as you keep an open mind along the way. Her blog is a tour de force with everything from restaurant reviews, to style guides, to recipes, kitchen tips, and product reviews. Highly recommend. 


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