Pasta Hack—How To Keep Fresh Pasta From Sticking Together


If you've made fresh pasta, you know that if you don't take special care, all the work you put in can be ruined by your spaghetti or linguini sticking together in one giant mass. Here is a no-fail way to prevent that from happening.

cutting fresh spaghetti

1. Use semolina, Corn or rice Flour

Once you've made and thinned out your pasta, you're ready to start cutting! The trick here is that pasta dough can easily start to stick together, creating one giant clump that you have to re-roll and cut. No fun.

Coating your fresh pasta in semolina, corn or rice flour immediately after cutting prevents your dough from sticking together. These flours are heavier than regular flour, so when you cook your pasta the excess flour separates from the pasta and sinks to the bottom of the pot. If you use regular flour, it has the potential to soak back into your pasta making coating it pointless in the first place. 

2. Place A Bowl With Flour Under Pasta Cutter

Place a wide bowl with 3T of semolina, corn or rice flour under your pasta cutter. This prevents you from having to handle the dough too much or transfer to a baking sheet and catches all of the little bits that fall. Then just toss the pasta in your flour before forming nests and cooking! It may sound like super simple trick, but it prevents you from making a huge mess and makes the entire process a whole lot easier. 

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