Melon Salsa


Tis the season for Melon and boy am I ready for it! During the summer, fresh cut melon is a staple for our fridge and on a typical hot day I have been known to devour an entire melon without thinking twice. I take full advantage of melon season by incorporating them into dishes whenever possible. Sprouts has a wide variety of seasonal melons in stock, and my game plan whenever I walk into the store is to find a melon I haven't tried before. 

To ensure your melon is the ripest of the bunch, pick a melon that is heavy for its size (this works for citrus too) and that smells sweet where the vine was removed. If none pass this test, pick a hefty melon and then let it ripen a bit more on the countertop before cutting into. 

This melon salsa is the perfect dish to whip up as a light app with sprouts plantain chips, or as a topper to your favorite taco recipe. You can control the spice by leaving the jalapeño seeds in for a hotter salsa, or leaving them out for a milder flavor and you can sub out the tuscan melon for pretty much anything. Check this post for three other melon recipes to drool over. 



Melon Salsa

A twist on pico de gallo, this salsa recipe adds a crisp brightness and touch of sweet to an otherwise ordinary salsa. 



¾c Sprouts tuscan melon, diced ⅛”
⅔c tomatoes, diced ⅛”
½ small white onion, diced
1 clove of garlic, minced or put through a garlic press
1 medium jalapeño, diced ⅛”
2T chopped cilantro
Pinch of salt
Juice from ½ lime
Serve with Sprouts salted plantain chips


  1. Dice melon and place in a mesh strainer over a bowl while you chop up the remaining ingredients. This limits the amount of liquid that gets into your mixture.

  2. Dice and combine tomato, onion garlic, jalapeño, cilantro and salt. Stir in melon and lime juice and serve.