Quick Pickles


Don't let the title of this post fool you, you can use this brine to pickle just about any veggie: carrots, onion, garlic, cauliflower, beets, cucumber, ginger, you name it. And what to do with these pickled delights, you ask? I throw them on sandwiches and they are a wonderful addition to egg on toast or served with charcuterie. And if you're doing straight up jalapeños like me, don't forget about the taco bar. 

Canning Pickled Jalapeños

Quick Pickled Jalapeño Recipe

The only special thing you need for this recipe is a glass jar, whether its a ball jar or recycled pickle or salsa jar! We aren't actually canning in this recipe, so we don't need to worry about a vacuum seal.  


makes 3-4 12oz jars


Special Tools

Glass Jars


For Brine
1c white vinegar
2c water
2T sugar
2t black peppercorns
2t mustard seeds
2t caraway seeds
2 dried red chillis
2t cumin seeds

4 garlic cloves, (whole)
2-3c chopped Jalapeños or veggies of choice. 


  1. In a small sauce pan add water vinegar and spices and bring to a boil. 
  2. While mixture comes to boil, chop veggies and disperse evenly into glass jars.
  3. Remove brine from heat and pour over veggies in jars. Let cool to room temperature before storing in fridge.
  4. Must be stored in fridge and keeps for about a month. Cannot be kept at room temperature because this recipe is not canned. 
chopped Jalapeños

Example of other veggies you can quick pickle.

pickling assorted vegetables
vegetables ready to brine