Easy Recipes For Tomato Season

Recipes For Tomato Season

Peak Season Tomato Recipes

I know I know, it’s September. But we still have tomatoes coming off our plants like hot cakes, and boy are they delicious. So whether your counters are heavy laden with fresh tomatoes from your garden or the farmers market, these recipes to get those fruits to the finish line.

Photo by Chelsie Craig, Food Styling by Claire Saffitz

Photo by Chelsie Craig, Food Styling by Claire Saffitz

Slow-Cooked Cherry Tomatoes

From Bon Appetite

This is one of my favorite ways to prepare cherry tomatoes and the oil that is left behind is to die for. It’s so simple and can be topped on fresh pasta, served with toasted sourdough & burrata or enjoyed as a side dish.

Image by Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times

Image by Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times

Panzanella With Mozzarella and Herbs

From NYT Cooking

This “salad” is mainly homemade seasoned croutons, so what’s not to like? Tomatoes lend a burst of flavor and acidity and the cucumbers give it a mild crunch. It’s the perfect side if you ask me.


Tomato Pie

From Food 52

Flaky pastry and jammy tomatoes form an unforgettable melding of flavors. Just don’t forget the wine & a peppery arugula salad.

Pico De Gallo

From Two Peas And Their Pod

As easy as pico is, whenever you make your own people’s jaws always drop. And it’s always better than store bought, which tends to get soggy and diluted.



From The Fond Life

Fresh garlicky sourdough, creamy ricotta, bursting tomatoes and aromatic basil make bruschetta one of the workhouse dishes of summer. It never gets old and it just keeps getting better.

Tomato Sauce

From Dishing Up The Dirt

And finally, when you’re up to your tatas in tomatoes, this tomato sauce from dishing up the dirt will yield a sauce worthy of cozying up to.

Have at it! Let me know what your favorite tomato recipe is in the comments below!