Healthy Recipes For After The Holidays

Ok so you told yourself you would be healthy during all of those holiday parties you were going to.

Well, whether you followed through on that promise, these recipes will lift your spirits.

1.Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

recipe by green valley kitchen

Sweet potatoes may be available all year round, but they become even more of a favorite during the colder months of the year. Add quinoa and spinach, and you’ve got an amazing meal on your hands.

Quinoa Stuffed Sweet Potato Recipe

Quinoa-Stuffed Sweet Potato Recipe

This recipe is a meal in and of itself to get your eating back on the right track.

2. Blended Bone Broth

Blended Bone Broth

This goes above and beyond your usual bone broth by blending the veggies with the stock to create a thick & nutrient-rich soup for a chilly day.

The best part is you can use this method with any stock. When you strain your broth, just reserve your onions, mushrooms, carrots, celery, etc and blend together into perfect harmony.

Healthy Bone Broth Recipe

Blended Bone Broth

A hearty & flavorful broth.

3. Blackened Chicken Salad

Recipe by north south blonde

This gluten-free, paleo, whole 30 recipe is sure to make you feel just a little bit better about your day. It’s crunchy and fresh and packed with protein.

Blackened Chicken Salad With Avocado

Blackened Chicken Salad

The epitome of fresh and easy.

4. Cream Of Celery Soup

recipe by Eat Your Way Clean

Vegan Cream Of Celery Soup

Not only is this packed with veggies, it’s dairy-free and paleo friendly! If you’re thinking about going paleo for a new years resolution, this recipe could be the perfect place to start.

Paleo Cream Of Celery Soup

Cream Of Celery Soup

You would never know this recipe is dairy free.

5. Stir Fried Brussels Sprouts

Recipe by Molly Baz via Bon Appetit

Image by Michael Graydon + Nikole Herriott via Bon Appetite

Image by Michael Graydon + Nikole Herriott via Bon Appetite

The brussels sprouts fad may be waning, but that doesn’t mean my love for them is. This recipe calls for a hand full of ingredients and is incredibly satisfying.

Stir Fried Brussels

Stir Fried Brussels

Healthy & Nutrient Dense

7. Instant Pot Black Bean Soup

Instant Pot Black Bean Soup

This is a recipe my husband and I come back to again and again.

It’s a delightful amount of spice, is super hearty, and we love topping it with cheese, sour cream, chives, and tortilla chips.

Easy Black Bean Soup Recipe

Instant Pot Black bean Soup

Not only can this be made in a fraction of the time as normal black bean soup, it’s also a no-waste recipe.

8. BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches

Recipe By Love and Lemons

Image by  Love and Lemons

Ok, so if you have been living under a rock, jackfruit is on the rise as a food trend and I’ve been super into it. We’ve been eating a LOT less meat lately and this recipe will fulfill all your bbq cravings. 

BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches

BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches

With canned jackfruit more and more prevalent, this is an incredibly easy recipe to throw together on a weeknight.

9. One Pot Pesto Pasta

One Pot Pesto Pasta

This pasta has a handful of ingredients and is even quicker if you sub the carrot top pesto with a store-bought variety.

I like to sub regular pasta with Banza (no this isn’t a sponsored post, I just love the brand) to add even more nutrition to the dish. 

Carrot Top & Mint Pesto

One Pot Pesto Pasta

With spicy Italian Sausage, & rich pesto this dish is bursting with umami.

10. Roasted Mushrooms

by Paleomg

Image by  Paleomg

Image by Paleomg

If you ask me, mushrooms are good enough to be a meal in and of themselves.

These lil nugs are bathed in oil and spices. Don’t forget to spread them out on a sheet pan so they brown and don’t steam!

Perfect Roasted Mushrooms

Perfect Roasted Mushrooms

I could eat these all day.

Do you have a healthy recipe I need to try? Let me know in the comments!